Art is like a children’s toy you learn as an adult.


My first <Puzzled Montage> was born as a joke. I wanted to give a picture as a present to a friend, but I also wanted to play a prank on him.
The picture was made up of many printed sheets, but he had to assemble them himself; piece by piece in a huge collage. 
I liked the final result, so I decided to continue the experiment. I chose to make big size paintings, to fully express my passion for composition, the synthesis I learned from comics and the balance of colors.


One person on the painting is yellow, a next one is green and another one is purple; they differ between one another exactly like is  human beings, unique in their emotions, infinite like colours.

First, I start imagining a scene, then I draw it. I make an endless series of corrections to the digital files, then I print the sheets for my collage, and I work on them, again and again, with brushes and acrylic paint.
Part of the work is digital, but the final touch to the painting is added with the real brush. Painting is my true calling, and has always been, since when, barely 17 years old, I decided that Art would be my profession. So much history cannot fit into a small painting.

About me

Giorgio Vallorani

I was born in AMANDOLA, Marche, in 1973, I now  live in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy. I love observing people, imagining their feelings and their stories, then turning their stories into my art.

As a child I did it by drawing; when I moved to Milan to work at Walt Disney, I learned the language of comics and illustration. I went from pencil to brush, then to the computer and finally to the iPad, but I never stopped thinking like an old school artist. What I observe becomes an image; sometimes the image takes over and gets so strong it has to take a physical shape.

This is why I went back to use my brushes to create large colored painting: because I love the color and the feelings it conveys.



A blank paper is to a painter what a block of marble is to a sculptor: it can contain any kind of shape.  When I paint I start without a project and the turns the lines take are decided not by my will, but by an unknown energy which knows where to take me.


No composition made of well ordered pixels can imitate the tension, the imperfection and the indecisiveness from the hand of the painter. 


The art of Vallorani originates from the love for twentieth century painting and intertwines with 20 years of experience in the world of illustration. Giorgio has been working as a freelance artist for the Walt Disney Company since 2000, a job he combines with several collaborations with the main brands of the entertainments industry.